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Welcome to the world of Flying Ren !

Published April 17, 2012 by flyingren
       I am a young girl who likes to read, listen to music, watch movies, and paint! I live with my parents and my older sister Bella. We also have a cute and silly dog named Seamonkey. My life is not as normal as it seems. My family and I live on the end of the rainbow even though people say it is not possible. We float and drift with the rainbow wherever it goes. Everything is colourful and happy there. We were sent down to earth to protect the environment around us. We have the power to bring trees and flowers alive. We can change the pollution around us into fresh air and clean water to create a better environment for animals and humans. Nobody knows about our secret mission because we don’t want people to depend on us to do everything. We try to inspire people to protect nature without them even knowing it.
      Most of the time, I actually live a normal life. I go to school and hang out with friends. But then again, my days are not that normal because I fly to school with my invisible wings and make sure nobody  sees it. I know my job is to protect the environment, but my secret hobby is golf! I practice hard everyday after school because my dream is to become a professional golfer. I fly with my clubs to a golf course near the rainbow where me and my friend Sally practice together. She can only fly short distances because her powers are not fully developed yet.
      There are so many exciting things that happen in my life. I started this blog to share them with you. I will write reviews about interesting books and movies and I will share my special experiences, thoughts, and ideas. I will also use my imagination to create short stories and other surprises!
Feel free to leave your thoughts and ideas for this blog.