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The anti-war message behind War of the Worlds

Published May 29, 2012 by flyingren

A Martian with many tentacles like an octopus.

In the introduction of War of the Worlds, written by H.G. Wells in 1898, the author describes how the British military was invading other countries at the time. The British people thought of themselves as a powerful and strong country that could control weaker nations. H.G. Wells wrote this story for British audiences to put them in the shoes of the poor and innocent people who are being invaded by British armies. He wanted the British to stop invading other countries so he wrote a book that shows the fear, pain, and helplessness of those who are defeated in wars. To do this, H.G. Wells describes the sadness and pain of losing loved ones, the experience of being abused by a stronger force, and the feeling of total powerlessness in the face of a ruthless enemy.

H.G. Wells did a great job in illustrating the panic and pain of losing loved ones by having the soulless Martians attack the British. For instance, Wells describes the separation of the narrator and his wife. Throughout the story, the narrator tries desperately to survive and to find his wife. Meanwhile, he comes across countless dead bodies and faces of people he once knew. Many scenes in the story take place in London, where Martians have destroyed parts of the city. People are running away, hiding, and trying to protect their loved ones. H.G. Wells decided to set his story in London because he wanted his British readers to imagine what it would be like to have their home invaded and destroyed by a much stronger and smarter enemy. He gets his British audience to see war from a different point of view, where they are the innocent people trying to survive and to protect their loved ones.

To show what it is like to be invaded by a much stronger enemy, H.G. Wells creates a Martian army with a superior technology, strength, and size compared to the British. He describes the Martians as creatures with a large head that stands on tentacles without a body. They build large machines that can kill countless humans in seconds with their heat rays. The Martians rely on this advanced technology to kill humans and to take the resources from the planet. This is similar to how the British once relied on guns to invade weaker countries and to take away their natural resources. H.G. Wells uses these examples to convey the injustice of war when one side has an unfair advantage.

The Martians have no relationship to the British families so they show no mercy in killing them. The Martians had a plan and they never tried to communicate with humans. Right after they landed in a rural part of England, they started building their machines night and day. They immediately took over the land and killed anyone who came near them. The Martians treated the humans as if they were small and powerless bugs. The humans brought in their armies and weapons, but the Martians used their heat rays to destroy them in minutes. The humans were totally helpless and began running away. Since the British thought of themselves as a strong nation with advanced technology, H.G. Wells shows how they may not always be the most powerful military. The story shows that the British should not be too arrogant and abuse their power.

Therefore, H.G. Wells wrote this book to show how war is not a good thing. He tries to get the British to stop viewing foreign people as powerless animals that can be killed. The central theme is that people should not be too arrogant because there will always be someone smarter and more powerful. The story tells people to be more humble. In the beginning of the book, humans thought the Martians were not intelligent but instead they were far superior. This led to the death of many people in the book. H.G. Wells wanted his British audience to see what it is like to be invaded, because the British were invading many other countries at the time.


Tripod machines bult by the Martians, taking over London.




How I deal with the hardest part of golf

Published May 15, 2012 by flyingren

      It may look easy, but golf is about 70% a mental game that requires calmness, concentration, and a great strategy plan to become a great golfer. While putting, it is hard not to think about missing a put or the score. To do well, you have to clear your mind, relax, and do your best. Even if you had a horrible hole, you have to stay calm and face what you have in front of you. You have to approach each hole like a new round, forgetting everything that came before.

To train my mind, I read books on the mental part of golf. I try to learn from the good golfers by listening to their experiences.  I read about pro golfers who learned to deal with the uncertainty of the game. Anything can happen until the game is over, so it is important to stay focused from the beginning to the end. In pro golf, nervousness and pressure can set in on the last day of a tournament, especially if you are in the lead. That is when you need to stay strong and stable while continuing to play with your actual skill.  A big part of golf is practicing everyday as if it is a tournament. This way, when a problem occurs in a tournament, you know how to take your time and compose yourself before each shot.

This mental aspect of golf is not only handy for playing golf, it also teaches you to stay calm and determined no matter what you do. This is what I love about golf, because it is not just about golf, it also teaches you important life lessons. Sometimes, if I can’t control my shaking hands in a highly competitive game, I will sprinkle some of my  colourful and sparkling “stay calm” potion all over my body. Suddenly, I will feel really relaxed and at ease with a big smile on my face.  I highly recommend this potion, which can be found at any fairy supermarket or drugstore!

Tiny people

Published May 15, 2012 by flyingren

      I’ve lived in the same place for my whole life. Sometimes, I wonder what’s outside this deep, dark cave. Since I was little, I’ve always been told to never go outside. Some people say dragons live outside; others are too afraid to talk about it. My home is near the opening of the cave; I like to peek through the gaps between the rocks that are covering up the opening. Usually, I see nothing but a never ending desert. Except for today, a beautiful, huge castle stood outside the cave and it made me wonder what else is out there. Slowly, I started to move away some of the rocks blocking the opening. I crawled out carefully and saw something indescribable. Moments after, I found myself on top of a stunning castle in the middle of the desert. Suddenly, I noticed a large wave of water out of nowhere, rolling towards the castle. Panic sets in, my body’s shaking as I desperately try to get out of the castle. Right before I was about to run, I saw something that I couldn’t believe. A giant was looking right at me. Surprisingly, we looked just alike except that he was 100 times bigger.

“Help, help!” I screamed as loud as possible.

      “What?” the giant questioned. “I can’t hear you!”

      “Please help me! I’m about to drown!” I cried.

      Quickly, he took me to a dry spot away from the waves.

      “Wow,” he exclaimed, “we look exactly alike except you’re so small.”

      My body was still shaking uncontrollably, I was still trying to figure out what just happened there.

      “Relax,” he whispered nicely, “you were just on the sand castle that I built, and those were just waves from the ocean.

      ‘What is an ocean?’ I thought. What a strange question to ask when a giant had just saved my life. 

      “Thank you so much!” I responded loudly.

      The giant nodded and grinned then slowly walked away.

      That was one of the most dangerous yet amazing experiences ever. On my way home, I thought about what happened and still couldn’t believe that I was saved by a giant. Most importantly, I just couldn’t wait to tell everyone in the cave about this wonderful place outside. We just discovered that giants are just like us, except bigger. That’s why we don’t have to be afraid to come out anymore. Well, as long as we stay away from the ocean. 

Is the Hunger Games movie as good as the book?

Published May 15, 2012 by flyingren

The Hunger Games is a trilogy of young adult novels by Suzanne Collins, published in 2008. The book is about an annual event called the Hunger Games where young people between the ages of 12 to 18 are selected to fight to death on T.V. The story takes place in the future where North America has been destroyed and a new country called Panem has risen. The country is made out of twelve districts and a capitol city. The games take place in a huge man made arena designed to look like a wild environment that changes each year. The main character is Katniss Everdeen, a young and independent girl from district twelve who volunteered to take her younger sister’s place in the Hunger Games.

Recently, the Hunger Games movie came out and drew in record setting profits. Teenagers came to see the movie for many reasons. They loved the books so much that they had to see the movie. The story is very unique because it is a post- apocalyptic action romance with a strong and fierce female star.

Many people are already complaining that the movie is just another Twilight or Harry Potter movie. All these movies are simplified versions of well written books. People say that the movie left out many important details from the Hunger Games book.

For example, the romance in the book is a lot more exciting. In the book the readers don’t know that Katniss was pretending to be in love with Peeta until the games are over, which is a surprise ending. In the movie, it seemed like she was only trying to act in love with him so that both of them could survive. She wanted to return the favor of Peeta saving her life before.

In the movie, we also see the story from many people’s points of view, including the Game Maker who controls the game. Meanwhile in the book, we can only see from Katniss’ point of view, which makes the story much more intense and scary. Since we know what the Game Makers were going to do in the movie, it takes away the suspense in the story.


My speech about our polluted oceans

Published May 8, 2012 by flyingren

Imagine you’re in a small boat, drifting in an endless ocean of plastic junk, particles, and bodies of dead animals. You desperately try to paddle your way out, but as far as you can see, there is no way out of the gigantic sea of garbage. You look up and realize that the garbage extends out for hundreds of miles to the horizon and there is no life anywhere in sight. You try to paddle aside the garbage around the boat, but there are thick layers of garbage swirling deep beneath you. The smell of death fills the air as a large wave of garbage comes crashing down against the boat.

Sadly, this is not the future or an imaginary place. It is here on earth today.

Honorable judges, teachers, parents, and fellow students, my name is Ren and today I am going to talk to you about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and our polluted oceans.The place I just described is a giant mass of garbage swirling in the Pacific Ocean, between here and Japan, known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. All of this garbage traveled in rivers and lakes to reach the ocean, where ocean currents sucked it into one giant whirlpool. Scientists have estimated the size of the garbage patch to be twice the size of Texas, while many other scientists have argued that it’s mass has extended to twice the size of United States.The garbage patch was predicted in 1988 by Charles Moore, but people never took action to prevent it. Now, it’s the largest collection of garbage on earth.

Today, millions of seabirds and marine mammals die each year because of the garbage in the ocean. Eventually the polluted ocean water will evaporate into the sky and come back down as a deadly acid rain.

So what can we do about our polluted oceans? Many people think they can’t make a difference, but in fact they can have a big impact by making small changes in their lives. Easy things to do include recycling, reducing waste, and reusing products before throwing them away. You can also write letters to the government and call for environmental protection. In the 1970s, ordinary citizens like us started to call for stronger laws to protect clean water. This led to a huge project called The Clean Water Act, which made a huge impact by protecting countless rivers and lakes in North America. In many areas, wildlife that had disappeared returned once again to the clean waterways.

Now imagine your in a small boat floating through crystal clear waters. You look down, and you can see colorful fish swimming freely beneath you. You look up and flocks of white sea birds are flying under the shining sun. The air smells crisp and fresh. This is a world that we could lose forever, but this could also be our future. Now the choice is up to you.