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Tropical Diving (prose poem)

Published November 2, 2012 by flyingren

The wetsuit and oxygen tank feels strangely uncomfortable and heavy on my body as I prepare to jump into the dark abyss. My heart races as I step closer to the edge of the speedboat. All it took was a small step and a jump and suddenly I was crashing through the rich blue waves. As coldness spreads from my toes to my face, my heart stops for a second like someone punched me in the chest. Slowly, I open my tightly shut eyes and I see myself sinking down, floating by familiar and strange creatures. Kicking my feet, I feel the water currents pushing against my legs as I try to gain control of my movements. Schools and schools of rainbow colored fish swoop around me, surprisingly not colliding into my body. I realize the sea floor is full of color and glitter, reflecting the sun from above and creating a magical turquoise blue in the water around me. Curiosity brings me close to the sea floor and I discover an endless world of corals, plants, sea stars, and iridescent shells.