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How Is the Golden Ears Bridge Affecting Us?

Published December 1, 2012 by flyingren

This project is about whether the Golden Ears Bridge is affecting us in a positive or negative way. I’ve listed the pros and cons below as well as a conclusion. The Golden Ears Bridge is in British Columbia, Canada and connects the cities of Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Surrey, Langley, and beyond. It runs across the Fraser River, a long river that stretches across British Columbia.


Saves Time

One of the nicest things about the Golden Ears Bridge is that it saves time for people to cross the river. Before the bridge was built, it took about 40 minutes for cars to get from one side of the river to the other. Now with the bridge, it takes very little time. For people who have to cross the river on a regular basis, the bridge is very useful and convenient.

Boosts The Economy

The Golden Ears Bridge connects the communities of Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Langley, Surrey, and beyond. Allowing people to travel fast and easy to different areas attracts people who may want to live here. The bridge gives people opportunities to apply for jobs on the other side of the river, which means that more people can have work. As the population of our community and the number of people with jobs grow, our economy will increase gradually as well.

Less Pollution

Everyday, we create greenhouse gas while driving. The Golden Ears Bridge is actually helping us to keep our environment clean and green, which is what Pitt Meadows is recognized for. Since we can reach our destination in a shorter period of time using the bridge, it shows that we are driving less and creating lesser pollutions.

Healthy Life Styles

The Golden Ears Bridge is not just for cars. The bridge features bike-pedestrian protected lanes on each side. This will encourage people to walk and bike instead of to drive. Also, more people might want do it because it’s free and it creates less pollution.



Driving cars create green house gas, which is a kind of pollution that’s very harsh for our environment. Since the Golden Ears Bridge makes traveling over the Fraser River a lot faster and easier, then it’s also encouraging more people to buys cars.

The Fraser River

The Golden Ears Bridge runs across the Fraser River. As cars drive by, the river is being polluted by gasses and chemicals. The Fraser River is one of the most important rivers in British Columbia because we use it for many purposes. We drink water from the lake, we eat crops that grew by, and many salmons spawn in it. As you can see that if a part of the river is strongly polluted, it will travel into the sensitive areas and our agricultural land, which will be a big disaster for our community.

Cost of the bridge

The Golden Ears Bridge had a fixed total construction cost of $808 million (CAN), well over the initial budget of $600 million. Instead of using all that money on the bridge, the money could have been used for something else in our community. Imagine what 808 million could have done! We’re not saying that all of the money went to waste; it’s just that there are people who are homeless, hungry, and dying in our community.

Safety risks

Concerns about cracks on the Golden Ears Bridge are already becoming a problem. Many are saying that because they were trying to finish it before the 2010 Winter Olympics, they rushed through and didn’t let the concrete dry properly. Now small cracks and lines are showing on the bridge which is a huge safety concern. The bridge might be holding on, but what if an earthquake occurs? it may be a good choice to fix it as soon as possible before anything happens.


After we have listed almost all of the pros and cons about the Golden Ears Bridge, we realized that it’s a tough one to decide. The bridge definitely has more cons but we also have some very strong points to support the idea that it’s affecting us in a positive way. For us families that own cars, its definitely a positive thing because it’s so convenient. On the other hand, for our community in general, it’s creating a lot of pollution which is horrible for our environment. So instead of proving my prediction right or wrong, I’m just going to say that it’s a little bit of both but I do think that there is a solution for it.

We thought to ourselves, what’s something that provides easy transportation for us but also creates little pollution for the environment as well? We came up with a solution that might be able to solve the problem. Instead of encouraging people to drive often by building more bridges, we should build different forms of public transportation like sky/air trains, bike lanes, and buses. We got these ideas from the transportation system in Japan. Most people in Japan travel in bullet trains. Bullet train is a high speed train that travels up to 300km/h and it’s also very quite so it won’t disturb any near by neighborhoods. We think creating more public transportation like that can really boot the economy and is also a lot less harsh on the environment. That’s what we like to call “A Greener Golden Ears”



SAT essay tips

Published December 1, 2012 by flyingren

Three helpful points to transform your SAT essay from good to great

  1. Read the entire prompt carefully

At the beginning of every SAT essay, there is a written prompt. Read the prompt carefully because it gives you ideas about an issue. The purpose of the prompt is to help you understand the question. Use the prompt to help you rephrase the question and to take a clear position on the issue. The prompt is useful when you can’t think of what to say because you can use some of the ideas and phrases in your essay. The prompt often shows two sides of the issue and you can use this to come up with examples to support your position.


  1. Argue the topic from more than one side

If you feel confident in writing about the topic and you can see it clearly from both sides, then write an essay that takes a strong position but shows that you’ve considered both sides of the argument. For instance, you can argue that “dreaming for big goals is good because it makes you work hard but don’t let it discourage you if you don’t succeed right away.” You can take a strong position by saying that dreaming big is good but you also acknowledge the risks and the drawbacks of it. If you are not confident in the topic, just think of two examples that directly support your position. If you decide to use this strategy, make sure your position is clear and don’t take more than one position on the main question.

  1. Give specific examples

You should think about your example first before you start writing. Think of the best examples to support your idea. Use examples from your own experiences, books, new, history or anywhere else. You can even make it up if you have to. Use details to illustrate your examples and bring them to life. It may help to think about examples like you are telling a story and make sure they are easy to understand. Remember to connect your examples to the topic issue. When using the examples, try not to repeat yourself. Do not repeat what is in the introduction. Use a transition phrases between paragraphs, such as “In addition,” “Therefore,” “Another key reason,” “ A different news report,” “From a different angle,” “In reality,” etc.